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Our Partnership with LegalEdge

At Peregrine Law we are always looking for better ways to serve our clients and the wider international business community.

We think high quality UK legal services for businesses should be more accessible, more ‘user friendly’ and better value for money.  We set up Peregrine Law because we could see that companies were ready for legal services delivered with a modern perspective: this is also why we are now partnering with LegalEdge and we are very excited about this.

LegalEdge, like Peregrine Law, is a fresh alternative to the many legal providers whose advice can be too complex, expensive or impractical for rapidly growing businesses.  LegalEdge lawyers are flexible and business-savvy and have all worked inside companies before.  This means they know exactly how to manage legal strategy, processes and budgets better, using the latest templates and tech available to get the best results.  They handle your day-to-day work too.  Importantly, their lawyers will know exactly when you need specialist external advice for business critical events, like corporate acquisitions or sales, borrowing or raising money, listing on a stock exchange or resolving a dispute.

Our services complement each other, our lawyers are all very experienced and they all have blue chip backgrounds.  Together we will ensure that you get the right expertise at the right time whether that’s with a Peregrine Law or a LegalEdge adviser.

Last but not least, both our businesses are passionate about providing you, the client, with ‘more for less’, making us more affordable than a typical law firm.

Working with LegalEdge has been a breath of fresh air! They have provided a unique, entrepreneurial approach to legal services within a rapidly growing organisation.   

COO and Co-Founder, hybris GmbH (now a SAP company)

The Oxial team was very impressed with the quality of the contracts that the LegalEdge team produced for our business and with their responsive and collaborative approach.

COO - Hammer Team & Oxial

LegalEdge challenge us when needed and clearly articulate our risks so that we can make well informed commercial decisions.

Managing Director, International - Revolution Analytics

As our trusted go to lawyers for complex contract queries and negotiations, LegalEdge know how to focus on the things that matter and to get deals done.  

Commercial Director - Connect Managed

What sets LegalEdge apart is that they focus on problem solving and keeping issues in perspective. They know and understand our business and the array of legal issues we face.

Partner - Portal Tech Reply

Lead Contacts

Nigel Clark

Corporate & Finance

+44 (0)20 3858 0800

+44 (0)7769 330367

Helen Goldberg

COO, LegalEdge

+44 (0)20 3086 8909