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Working with Law Firms


Collaboration is defined as ‘the act of working together to achieve or produce something’ and at Peregrine Law we are building strong relationships with law firms across the globe to do just this. As a London based corporate boutique, we are very well placed to complement other leading firms by providing outstanding legal services delivered by experienced, City trained lawyers at affordable and predictable prices.

More and more law firms are changing their ways of working as they seek to continuously improve their client service and product offering, while maintaining or improving their profitability. Disaggregation or unbundling and a new attitude to pricing and value are at the heart of this structural change. We can help you deliver on both these fronts.

About Peregrine Law and why we are different

We created Peregrine Law as a direct response to the disruption in private practice and because we could see that suppliers and clients were ready for legal services delivered with a modern perspective. We passionately believe that there is a need for a corporate law firm with a City pedigree and more accessible fees.

Everything we have seen and done in our first two years has reinforced this view.

Peregrine Law is lean, focused, extremely client oriented and supported by cutting edge technology. 90% of our lawyers are partner level. Collaboration with other firms is a key part of our strategy, so building referral relationships matters a great deal to us. We are implementing a referral strategy which centres on the law firm as our client.

Working with Peregrine Law

Working with us will be beneficial to you in a number of ways. Hover over each box to find out more.

All this adds up to more than just a referral relationship. This is genuine collaboration.

Working to protect your profitability

We understand that many firms will have profit targets that they won’t operate below. We protect your margins with high quality, competitively priced work that is predictable and low risk.

Client Sensitivity

We respect your client relationships and we will never pose a threat over  ‘ownership’.

Client Service

We make it our business to fully understand the needs and concerns of your clients. We will look after them just like you do. We will do lower value work and one off tasks if you are conflicted.

International Perspective

We have a global outlook, client base and staff profile. We are also actively involved with the IBA.


We appreciate work from you and in return we will introduce you to our clients and refer work to you whenever possible. Given our scale and tight focus on private corporate deal activity we outsource work to specialists and need help with larger transactions.

Examples of our collaborative work

Listed Australian restaurant operator:

we were introduced to the client by the London office of Gibson Dunn. The client completed a number of restaurant acquisitions in Germany and The Netherlands. One of our team acts as the UK resident director and we provide company secretarial services and legal support to lead lawyers Clayton Utz, Gibson Dunn and Loyens & Loeff.

UK leisure and hospitality business:

a key Peregrine client that we work with alongside Macfarlanes for funds work and TLT for real estate work.

China Development Bank:

we provide English banking law assistance to leading Chinese firm DeHeng and key client China Development Bank. CDB is the world’s largest development finance institution and the largest Chinese bank for foreign investment.

UK Hedge Fund:

in 2016 this client asked us to assist with selling corporate assets in France and Hong Kong. We instructed and project managed firms in  Cayman, Hong Kong and Paris.

What next?

If, in your business, you are disaggregating some of your work, are looking for a ‘safe pair of hands’ to refer smaller ticket or conflict work to, are active in cross-border transactions or need help with some other form of corporate activity then we should collaborate. We hope you like what you now know about us and what we are trying to do. If you do, please get in touch.