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Event, 27 November 2018: Q&A with Joel Crouch, Eventbrite

Event, 27 November 2018:  Q&A with Joel Crouch, Eventbrite

We’re delighted that Joel has agreed to speak at our WeWork event on 27 November and we did a quick Q&A
with him as a warm up…

Joel Crouch, Eventbrite
MD, UK & Ireland

What’s been the biggest surprise for you running this business?
That every aspect of this company and its success has been fuelled by passion. There’s the admirable passion of our creators to bring people together, sometimes against all odds. And then we have the passionate event goer, who comes back to Eventbrite time and time again in search of their next unforgettable moment. And we – everyone at Eventbrite – are making it possible by being passionate about building the very best platform for both event creators and attendees.

What was the game changer in your business? The aha moment that made you think “We’ve done something special here?
It was the realisation of the wider impact of Eventbrite. Understanding that we aren’t just in the business of selling tickets. There is of course a transactional element to what we do, but the overall societal impact goes beyond that: by empowering event creators to put on events more efficiently and more transparently, and by making it easier for attendees to discover live experiences we are helping bring the world together at live events. This isn’t hyperbole, either: Last year alone, we processed more than 200 million tickets, potentially enabling 200 million individual live experiences and shared moments around the world.

In reality, what do you spend most of your time as a leader doing?
I act as a sounding board and coach to the team. This involves giving them a high degree of individual freedom and room for experimentation and development, accompanied by clear expectations and goals, both on a personal and on a business level. Apart from this focus on our employees, I’m bringing the different parts of our business in the UK and in Ireland together to seize cross departmental opportunities and to solve challenges together. Outside of the walls of our London office,
I represent Eventbrite to our customers in the British Isles, to my Eventbrite colleagues around the world, and to everyone involved in the exciting world of live events.

Who’s your support system as you’ve scaled your business?
Two people in my leadership team who have been with me from the start, my international peers within Eventbrite, a mentor outside of the business, and most importantly my wife.

How has having the right legal support around you made a difference in your success?
Ticketing is an incredibly nuanced industry and no two markets are the same. We are constantly ensuring we are adhering to an ever changing compliance, tax and legal landscape. At the same time, we need to create contracts for organisers that can involve significant sums and therefore require unambiguous and enforceable terms. Our legal team consistently strikes the right balance between adherence, reliability, and simplicity to make it easy for organisers to work with us, whilst protecting their business and ours.

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