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Event, 27 November 2018: Q&A with Lucy Chamberlain, C&C Search

Event, 27 November 2018:  Q&A with Lucy Chamberlain, C&C Search

Ahead of Peregrine Law’s How to Scale event, Lucy Chamberlain, founder of C&C Search, shares her legal journey to building a destination recruitment business for PAs, EAs and support teams.


Lucy Chamberlain,
Founder of C&C Search

The biggest surprise running my business has been…

My incredible female network. When I set up the business, I was genuinely shocked at how many people reached out and wanted to support and help me. But, more than that, as I’ve circled back and given back, I found that I’ve developed this strong network of female founders. Other women who have a purpose and are committed to leaving a legacy. It’s been essential to the C&C journey: all entrepreneurs know how intensive building a business is so having the support in those moments when you feel very alone has been critical.

The game changing moment was…

Getting ok with being vulnerable in my business. Once I realised that, actually, success isn’t about being tough and resilient, but open to learning and asking for help, and getting open with your fears but doing it anyway.  It’s made me bolder in my decision-making which has paid off exponentially in the business.

In reality, I spend most of my time …

In meetings. Meetings. Meetings.  With clients, new and existing partners, my team.  I’ve really embraced stand-up meetings. I prep fastidiously for meetings now so they’re as effective as possible.

As I’ve scaled my business, my support system…

Has got narrower. My husband and Ed, my business partner and brother remain my day-to-day support. And of course, the incredible female founders I now count as friends, like Danielle Haig and Charly Lester who provide inspiration and support when needed.

Having the right legal support has been …

Essential, especially the right financial legal and compliance information and support. We have incredible lawyers in Browne Jacobson. We utilise advice at every possible stage. To build the kind of business we wanted, it’s been critical that these pillars are absolutely steadfast and the foundations robust and in-line with our values.

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