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Lawyers and Tech: How We’re Making it Work for You

Lawyers and Tech: How We’re Making it Work for You

Imagine a law firm. You probably think of big businesses, book-filled offices and briefcases.

The legal industry is hardly hailed as the land of tech-gurus. Lawyers have earned themselves a reputation as conservative and cautious technophobes.  Law has been one of the slowest sectors to embrace technology and the benefits that it brings.

Here at Peregrine, we think differently. We do things differently. We’re digital nomads.

As we work from a new law platform business model, we embrace the latest technologies to make our services more efficient for you. To enable us to work seamlessly across borders at the touch of a button, we have developed our own technologies designed with your needs in mind.

Our top three initiatives include:

1. Lawbench project

The Lawbench project provides the technological foundations for our lawyers to work flexibly across borders with freedom and control.

It employs hosted desktop technologies to provide lawyers with an interface that has all the functionalities integrated and provides the infrastructure for a full workflow system.

Through this Citrix based hosted desktop platform, we can store data safely and securely, as well as collaborate efficiently through the intranet Peregrine Page.

For you as a client, this all adds up to responsive day-to-day support and speedy, cost-effective advice, as our cloud-based platform enables us to work directly on your deals wherever and whenever.

Our Operations Director, Martin Hosken, who built the technology, said: “With so many technologies on the market and individual preferences of work the project is not without its challenges. Technology is ever changing and as individuals we all get used to certain ways of working and in the age of cyber security there is also a balance to be struck between security and ease of accessibility.”

2. Automated operations

Compliance is at the heart of everything we do. We know the relevant red tape and ensure that we comply with our obligations as a Solicitors Regulated Entity. To balance the regulatory requirements with the freedom and remoteness of our working culture, we’ve built our own system of compliance.

Our client and matter inception process, including the uploading of client ID documents, is fully automated. Once your details and your matters are opened on the system, we can automatically create a client engagement letter.

When your deals are done, we have also introduced an automated invoicing system. With just a few clicks, we can create an invoice specifically tailored to your matters and send it for approval.

With our automated workflow queue, we can easily and efficiently approve all client engagement letters and invoices. This means that we can spend less time on administrative actions and more time working directly on your legal needs.

3. Financial and fee-split model

We have created a Fee Split model that tracks all financial data and enables us to split the fees on an invoice between the finder or referrer of the work and your lawyer.

This fee-split model reflects our collaborative approach and commitment to getting your deals done in the most efficient and cost-effective way, with the best-in-class legal expertise.

Through our hosted desktop system, we have balanced the challenge of making our bespoke financial data readily and easily accessible whilst being stored safely and securely.

In addition to these technologies, we are trialling a number of workflow tools to streamline our operations further and we’ll be discussing theses in a future blog.

Whilst the legal industry is slowly adopting to new technologies, we don’t believe that there’s a choice between using or not using technology. The challenge is using technology right, which is why we have designed our own with your needs in mind.