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Peregrine Law’s crystal ball – a 2014 dissertation on Brexit

Peregrine Law’s crystal ball – a 2014 dissertation on Brexit

In 2014, Peregrine Law’s corporate paralegal, Chris Toh, chose as his final year dissertation (when an undergraduate law student at Leeds Uni) “Article 50: Assessing the new right of unilateral withdrawal from the European Union, with a case study of the UK”.

Did he know something then that a lot of the rest of us didn’t?

Chris chose the subject because he was intrigued by David Cameron’s 2013 Bloomberg speech when the then-Prime Minister made an unprecedented pledge of a EU membership referendum should the Conservatives win the next election.

The piece obtained a 77% first class mark.

His conclusions in 2014 were:

  • Brexit has been a long time coming. The UK had long adopted a Eurosceptic stance and its initial accession to the European Union was a marriage of convenience.
  • The UK would not be given access to the Single Market without also having to be bound by a number of other existing EU rules.
  • Assuming that Article 50 could be successfully triggered, the ‘divorce’ agreement between the UK and EU would need to address an incredibly complex range of issues

Feel free to read it Theresa…..