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Taking flight with Peregrine

Taking flight with Peregrine

My name is Andrea and I am an Italian qualified lawyer, currently studying an LL.M. in Corporate and Commercial Law at Queen Mary University of London whilst working part-time as a paralegal at Peregrine Law.

I am really happy to have started this exciting new adventure at Peregrine.  Since my first day in the office, I have had the chance to work on thrilling deals involving parties and companies located all over the world.  I now feel as though I’m already gaining a good understanding of the global corporate law market.  Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to see how certain deal structures and market standard clauses work in different jurisdictions, with a particular focus on comparing the UK and US market.  One of the things that I have appreciated most so far is having the chance to attend meetings with Nigel Clark where I’ve got to see first hand how a former international firm managing partner is able to build an impressive international network and expand this new business.

It is a very stimulating time to be joining Peregrine, as the firm is promoting and spreading a new concept of legal business and providing more accessible and ‘user friendly’ legal services. Peregrine is more comparable to an innovative corporation than a very traditional law firm.  Directors, solicitors and paralegals work in the same open space, and I feel a huge sense of approachability as there is always someone to support me in those moments of need, be it a solicitor or a director of the firm.  As I come from a civil law jurisdiction, having guidance in Peregrine’s day-to-day activities is priceless.

For me, most importantly, I am not just dealing with transactions and their legal aspects but I am also supporting the development of the business.  As I consider myself market driven, being here at Peregrine is a fantastic opportunity to enhance my skills in both marketing and networking.  It is a real challenge to develop my marketing and networking skills in an international environment rather than in a domestic one.  My journey at Peregrine so far has been really positive, and the progress that I have made in a couple months has already surprised me.

I am excited to see where this journey will take me.  Stay tuned!