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Taking flight with Peregrine

Taking flight with Peregrine

My name is Charlotte and I am excited to have begun my journey with Peregrine Law as a Paralegal.

I am an LLM Student at Queen Mary University London’s Centre for Commercial Legal Studies, specialising in Competition Law and Legal Theory and I’m combining this with working at Peregrine.  Outside of law, I am passionate about baking, social media and escaping back to the countryside to ride my horse and help out on the family farm.

One of the things that I love most in life is challenges. Since my first day here at Peregrine, I feel that challenge runs throughout the DNA of the firm; from the ambitious nature of the work to Peregrine’s unique market position. I am also known for my curiosity, inquisitiveness and always asking ‘Why?’. Here at Peregrine, I love that everything starts with ‘Why?’ The Peregrine Way challenges the status quo through offering a different structure, service and solution which places the client first. Peregrine is committed to building the law firm of the future and it’s great to be part of such a fast growing, ambitious and agile firm which presents me with constant challenges.

Joining Peregrine has given me a fantastic opportunity to get involved in all practical aspects of law and apply my studies to real life legal situations. Whilst my law degree may have taught me the legal rules and processes which are an integral part of being a lawyer, working at Peregrine Law is broadening my horizons –  teaching me the importance of teamwork and being pragmatic to become a successful lawyer (well, collaborating with very successful lawyers). Collaboration is a big part of the work that we do at Peregrine, and I enjoy the number of lawyers, law firms and clients I collaborate with. Most importantly, at Peregrine, I am not just involved in legal documentation and compliance, but I also feel part of the business and I am able to assist with the law whilst driving the business behind the legal advice, the product.

It is a hugely exciting time to be joining Peregrine, as the firm is rapidly expanding. Every day I am faced with new tasks, new clients and new lawyers to work with. One of the things I am most excited about is seeing the whole lifecycle of a deal and being able to make a meaningful contribution every step along the way. From working on a deal closing on my first day, to going out to meet clients on my second, my journey at Peregrine so far has been really exciting and I cannot wait for the adventure ahead.