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The Business Legal Lifecyle

The Business Legal Lifecyle

Peregrine Law was proud to have been asked to be the UK editor of The Business Legal Lifecycle that was published and launched in the UK market in November 2018.

The book was written by successful Australian entrepreneur and lawyer, Jeremy Streten, and The Business Legal Lifecycle is an Australian Amazon bestseller.

The Business Legal Lifecycle is a practical guide for any entrepreneur, providing a clear and succinct account of how to transform your business from startup to success story. By translating ‘legalease’ into practical tips and strategies, it helps business owners to understand the relevant legal processes at every step of the business journey.

The book is structured into 13 phases, corresponding to each developmental stage of any business lifecycle and the corresponding legal considerations at each step along the way.

The practical pathway provided by the book is also accompanied by The Business Legal Lifecycle online quiz, which determines where your business currently sits on The Business Legal Lifecycle. Any business owner can take the test here.

In addition to the online test, The Business Legal Lifecycle is complemented by a series of online podcasts, with more resources set to follow. A US version of the book is also currently being edited.

As business enablers, at Peregrine we are proud to be associated with The Business Legal Lifecycle and to help entrepreneurs progress with purpose on their business journey.

Want to know more about The Business Legal Lifecycle? Visit the webpage here.